Get the Best of Both Worlds with a Dell 2 in 1 Laptop

Get the Best of Both Worlds with a Dell 2 in 1 Laptop


Are you looking for a laptop that has the best of both laptop and tablet? Look no further! Dell has recently released their 2 in 1 laptop, the Inspiron 17, that offers you the ability to use and switch between the laptop and tablet form. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy the convenience of the traditional laptop, as well as the convenience of a tablet. Not only does the Inspiron 17 offer this fantastic feature, but it also comes with a host of powerful specifications that make your computing experience smoother and more efficient.

Design of the Inspiron 17 2 in 1 Laptop


Tent mode is particularly useful if you like to follow recipes in the kitchen as you can prop the device up in a tent-like shape, allowing you to keep an eye on the instructions while you cook. Stand mode is perfect for watching television shows or movies as you eat dinner at the kitchen table. Laptop mode is perfect if you need to type up a document or send emails related to work; the comfortable keyboard and intuitive trackpad make the experience easier. Lastly, tablet mode makes it easier and more comfortable to read books or magazines while you are relaxed and reclined.

Sleek design

A sleek, luxurious design comprising of a pristine platinum silver colour that exudes sophistication and class.

17 Inch QHD Touchscreen

The Dell inspiron 17 laptop features an enormous 17-inch Quad High Definition (QHD) screen, with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels and featuring a TrueLife IPS Touchscreen Display.

Narrow border display

By gaining a more expansive line of sight, you can certainly raise your output and efficiency. Having a narrow border will make it possible for you to gain this wider vision, and maximise the potential of any task you may be taking on..

Key Features of Dell’s 2 in 1 Laptops

Safeguard your eyes

This amazing device features a non-reflective screen to ensure the perfect viewing experience, as well as a built-in blue light reduction technology that helps to safeguard your eyes from the potential harm caused by blue light emissions.

Built in speakers & webcam

This functional 2in1 includes dual built-in speakers for superb sound, as well as an integrated webcam for great video capturing capabilities.

Connectivity Capabilities

Flexible Connectivity Options

Easily connect to a variety of devices without any hassle using the USB-C (Thunderbolt), USB 3.2 and HDMI connections - giving you access to the vast possibilities and convenience that the digital age brings.

Speed, Storage and Performance

NVMe Solid State Drive

The internal NVMe Solid State Drive offers extremely fast storage access, making your device run quicker than ever before with snappy, responsive performance.

11th Gen Intel Core Processor

The 11th Generation Intel Core Processor and various graphics solutions present an exceptional level of performance in the mobile environment. With Intel's advanced architecture, you can enjoy power-efficient performance and robust multitasking capabilities.

Final Thoughts

A Wise Investment for Any User

Making a wise investment in technology for any user is something which should not be overlooked. Investing in quality hardware, software, and other such technologies can be hugely beneficial, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and ensuring that your technology solutions are reliable and fit for purpose. Not only can this save you money in the long-term, but it can also enable you to work more efficiently and effectively, making the most out of the resources at your disposal. By procuring optimal technology, you can be sure to have the peace of mind knowing that your investment will be protected and addressed in the event of any issues arising. Additionally, ensuring that you have the right technology solutions in place can ensure that you always have access to whatever tools or information you need, wherever you are. Taking the time to carefully consider the options available to you, and researching the best investments will guarantee that enjoyed the maximum returns and rewards.

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