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The Professional Choice: Dell P Series Monitors for Work

Dell P-Series Monitors for business


What is a Dell P Series Monitor?

The Dell P Series monitor range are an excellent choice for those wanting to improve their workspace tech with a premium monitor. These work monitors are perfect for the modern professional looking for increased comfort and enhanced productivity and are suitable for both business and home office setups. The features included in the monitors are designed to improve user experience - making it easier to work on multiple tasks at the same time, cutting down on clutter, and providing crisp visuals. Not only are the features well suited for the serious worker, but the cost of the P Series is also reasonable - more expensive than the E Series but cheaper than the U Series, offering a great balance between functionality and price. With their combination of features and price, Dell P Series monitors are ideal for those looking to leverage technology to improve their workspace.

Factors to Consider for Professional Use

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a monitor for business use. Firstly, the screen size - the more screen space available, the easier it is to view documents side-by-side. 27-inch monitors are becoming increasingly popular among professionals, but if you're working in a smaller home office setup, a 24 inch monitor may be the better option. Many Dell P-series monitors feature an ultra-thin bezel which enables users to set up a second monitor alongside for a seamless view. However, you should check that your chosen monitor can support daisy-chain setup; check out this guide from Dell for some handy hints. A decent screen resolution such as FHD aka 1080p, combined with blue light filters, reduced screen flickering, and fully adjustable stands, can provide an excellent viewing experience whilst protecting the user's eyes from strain. Cable management solutions allow you to keep your workspace organised and tidy. With the development of USB Hub monitors such as the P2422HE and the P2722HE, you no longer need to deal with bulky docking stations and a multitude of cables for audio, video and power. All that is needed is a single cable, allowing the monitor to connect to a laptop or tablet thus providing the means to simultaneously charge your device. All in all, this innovative technology helps keep your workspace free of clutter and helps create a tidy and orderly environment. In addition to all these features some business monitors such as the P2418HZ even have a built in webcam & speakers, although for collaboration and conferencing try checking out the C Series.

Features of the Dell P Series Monitors

Screen Technology

Whether you're looking for a large screen with ultrasharp resolution like the 4K of The P2721Q or something more moderate for daily tasks like the FHD of the P2422H, you'll find the perfect monitor for your needs with a Dell Professional monitor. Starting with 17 inch and FHD and going all the way up to 34 inch and 4K, you can choose the size and resolution that best suits your business needs. With IPS (In Plane Switching) technology coming as standard with dell P series monitors, you'll be able to enjoy consistent colors with a wide viewing angle. No need for calibration either, as every Dell monitor comes with 99% sRGB coverage and excellent color accuracy out of the box.

Design and Layout

The Dell P series monitors offer a level of ergonomic customisation unheard of before. You can easily tilt, swivel, pivot and adjust the height of the monitor to better fit your workspace. For those who want an even better level of eye comfort, the ComfortView Plus feature dispels potentially harmful blue light emissions while maintaining accurate colors, so that you'll be comfortable for hours on end. An intuitive joystick control allows you to navigate the menu and easily adjust the settings, so you can take full advantage of this PC monitor quickly and efficiently. Your P series monitor is not just a pleasure to use however - the easy-to-use cable management system makes it simple to hide cables in the monitor riser, so that an even neater desk space is possible, and to top it all, the small base and slim profile of some models will free up much-needed office space.


Stay connected, secure and increase productivity with these Dell UK monitors featuring RJ45 for wired Ethernet connectivity - don't lose performance due to unreliable Wi-Fi connections. Easily manage a multiple display set up with MAC address pass-through, PXE Boot & convenient Wake-on-LAN functions built-in on select models; you will be able to connect and use multiple displays in a matter of seconds. Your Dell Monitor power sync feature will even start your display and connected Dell PC automatically just by pressing the display power button even when the laptop lid is closed! Easily connect to a variety of devices with extensive connectivity ports, such as DisplayPort, HDMI, USB-C, RJ45 and quick access USB ports, so you will be able to connect to any device you need.

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