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The Power of the E-Series Monitor: Exploring the Dell E-Series Range

Dell E-Series Monitor Range


The reliable and eco-friendly Dell E-series monitor is a true bargain buy in more ways than one.

Built to be dependable and durable, these affordable screens meet current environmental standards, ensuring you don't have to compromise on value or eco-friendliness. Furthermore, the E-series comes packed with a host of features that make it an ideal choice for both multi-tasking and time management, making it an incredibly efficient and reliable choice. Before investing in any new monitor, make sure to check out the Dell E-series range and discover how these monitors can spur productivity and save you money.

Exploring the Dell E-Series Range of Environmental Monitors

Dell's E series range of PC monitors are a great way to get good quality, affordable and energy efficient monitors for your home or office. These monitors are designed with environmental factors in mind, meeting the latest energy star standards and regulatory requirements. They have been through a strenuous series of component qualification and reliability testing to ensure they are reliable and efficient, meaning you can be sure to get certified dependability from the start. Additionally, they also feature a handy PowerNap feature which helps to save energy by dimming or putting the monitor to sleep when not in use. A good budget friendly offering, the Dell E-Series monitor is an easy way to get a reliable, eco-friendly computer monitor that will drive productivity, just like you.

Benefits of the E-Series PC Monitor in Business and Professional Settings

With features such as the height adjustable stand available on select models, you can make your monitor your own, raising the stand or tilting the display for improved comfort and ergonomics.

A slimmer profile and improved organisation of the cables make the area you are working in more compact and tidy, freeing up the space on your desk. This allows you to utilise the desk for other activities, whilst still being able to maintain an efficient and effective working environment.

Lose the distracting noises of your home or office with the integrated speakers that amplify incoming notifications, available in the E2420HS monitor & E2720HS.

These cheaper monitors come in a variety of different styles, from the conventional and simple to those featuring thin frames and slim bezel designs and when we say cheap monitor, we're only talking about price, you'll get the same high quality build you'd expect from any Dell Screen.

Choose from several screen size options ranging from 17 inches, to the 22 inches of the E2222HS screen featuring a crisp contrast ratio of 3000:1, through the 24 inches of the Full HD IPS E2420H up to the 27 inches of the E2720HS.

Dell Display Manager's Easy Arrange feature gives you the opportunity to quickly arrange and view multiple applications simultaneously on one or more connected monitors for increased productivity.

The auto-restore feature remembers exactly where the programs were, even after disconnecting from the device – meaning that when you open them again, they will be right where you left them.

Using shortcut keys can be a huge time-saver, as they allow you to swiftly invoke the DDM user interface and access frequently used Easy Arrange template layouts with little effort.

Asset management reports are essential for IT managers, as they enable them to swiftly acquire and record monitor data. Moreover, IT managers can centrally administrate and handle monitors through a single consolidated configuration.

With a vast array of potential personalisations available to you, you can design and create the perfect workspace to suit your individual needs and preferences, allowing you to maximise your efficiency and productivity in order to get the most out of your work. Whether it is in the home or the office, having the right environment encourages motivation and good output from your working day. 

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